Besuch vom „World University Service“ an den BSGG

Afrika birgt mehr Überraschungen und Reichtum, als man zu erwarten vermag.

Kofi Adu Frimpong, ein Ghanaer, der zurzeit an der Universität Kassel seinen Master Abschluss anstrebt, besuchte die BSGG am 01.02.17, um einigen Schülerinnen und Schülern des Beruflichen Gymnasiums die Kultur Afrikas näher zu bringen.

We as the students of Mrs Werner’s advanced English course have learned a lot about South Africa since the beginning of the second school year. As we only talked about one African country, we wanted to know more about Africa as a whole continent. Mrs Werner fulfilled our wish and arranged a meeting with Kofi, a Ghanaian student from the World University Service. As soon as Kofi started talking about his country with a passion you will only see a few times in your lifetime, we got to know completely different aspects of Africa. Since we have only talked about South Africa, we were mostly informed about the HIV-rate, criminality or about townships. Kofi showed us, however, that South Africa is only a very little part of Africa and you cannot draw conclusions about the whole continent just by looking at South Africa as a country. Africa as a whole continent is one of the richest continents of the world and provides the world with mineral resources such as gold or diamonds. Furthermore, products like coffee and cocoa, which you can buy in Germany, are mostly imported from Africa. This is why Kofi said that everyone has to contribute something to the world and in that sense Africa is doing great. He pointed out that his home town is completely different compared to Germany. In Ghana, you know everybody around your neighbourhood and even show the same kind of respect to your neighbours that you show to your parents.

Through the presentation about his continent, we got to know a completely different side of Africa and it was awesome.

His passion infected many students and some even said they would like to travel to Africa to explore the African countries for themselves.


Jannis Ostendorf and Alexander Emele, 13BG

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